Looking for a New Home?


Now that you have looked at available houses, compared prices, researched neighborhoods, school etc..,  and maybe even done the math, and with a mortgage calculator to get a good idea of just what you might be able to afford, it is time to take the next step and hire a professional licensee.

You have done your homework so let HBS do the rest.

Chances are you’re like millions of American prospective home buyers. You now have dozens of hours in front of your computer monitor and perhaps even ridden by the potential home. We at HomeBuyer’s Services of America, Inc. recognizes this fact so we adjusted our services to accommodate today’s self-disciplined home buyers.

Our potential clients are home buyers willing to be in charge of their quest and who have not yet contacted sellers or real estate licensee before hiring HomeBuyer’s Services of America, Inc. Contact with any other parties could disqualify you from receiving a rebate under HBS’s negotiable rebate provision.