Get Your Savings: Commission Rebate Calculator

Use our commission rebate calculator to find your potential savings!  If you do the work, you should get paid on your new home!


Commission Rebate CalculatorThe typical home buyer actually finds their own home. Today, you either find your home online or by other methods like searching through neighborhoods in your car. Lets face it. No one understands what you want better than you!

Now for the question: If you’re going to do some of the work of the Realtor or Real Estate Agent, shouldn’t you get some of the commission? We think so too!

HBSofAmerica will allow you a commission rebate on the purchase of your new home. And, while certain exclusions and rules apply to the program (click here to see), its still the best deal going in the real estate business today!

Click here to see an overview of Commission Rebate Program.  If you want to find out even more and see the worksheet, click here.


Commission Rebate Calculator:  Your Potential Rebate