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Real Estate Commission Savings


Today’s Home Buyer is more active than ever in participating in the New Home buying process. Thanks to the internet, many buyers locate the new home of their choice.  Our website’s property search has all the property in the Columbia South Carolina (with potential REBATES calculated) to help you in your search for the best property.  In addition to finding their “perfect new home”, they also find their best mortgage and insurance options online too!  They use tools like Google or Facebook to find the best options for their situation.

Many of today’s savvy buyers need professional to allow them physical access to the new home they’ve located.  They need a competent and capable professional to ask questions and explore scenarios.

HomeBuyer’s Services of America is geared to this type of buyer.  The new home buyers who already know  “what they are looking for.” These clients actually need professional assistance only to complete the buying process.  Darrell Godfrey of HBS has unique experience and expertise helping exactly this type of client.

Our business model can mean more money in our client’s pocket thru our Commission Savings Rebate Program.  HBS will share data, discuss your questions, assist with third parties, negotiate with sellers, and handle the paperwork.

Together, we will make a great team—maximizing time and money!   A negotiated rebate is your reward for saving HBS time and expense. Remember to contact us with any questions.  We have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the home buying process and look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect home!

Real Estate Commission Savings